“Of Salt and Sand” ….New CD  by Thelma

Songs written, recorded and performed by Thelma in celebration of the rich heritage and people of the Eastern Shore, where salty waters and shifting island sands have blessed and shaped the lives of many who for generations, have called it home…….her home.


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All proceeds from “Of Salt and Sand”, donated to:
 The Chesapeake Conservancy – www.chesapeakeconservancy.org 
The Barrier Islands Center Museum – www.barrierislandscenter.org

Please consider a donation or membership to one or both of these conservation organizations, mentioning “ Of Salt And Sand”.  Go on line and learn more about the important role they play as non-profits in preserving the history, heritage, culture and legacy of The Chesapeake Bay and Barrier Islands.




Six songs featuring aspects of the Eastern Shore, Virginia

1. Shooting Star
8. You Are What I Need
2. Thank You Kind 9. .Miss Emily
3. Thicker Than Water
4. The Biggest Step You'll Never Make
11. Storm Of Thirty Three
5. Pull Of The Moon
12. My Baby's Coming
6. Beaches Of Normandy
13. Barrier Islands By The Sea
7. When The Watermen Are Gone
14. I Am At War






Thelma & Erika

Back Creek Cafe

Thelma and Erika's CD  -  "Back Creek Cafe"
1. Amie
2. Tulsa Time
3. Can't Find My Way Home
4. My Baby's Comin'
5. Like a Rollin' Stone
6. Darien- by Erika
8. Life by the Drop
9. Louisiana Saturday Night
10. Blackbird
11. What You Never Had *
14. This is Nowhere
15. Easy From Now On
16. Wildflowers
17. Paradise
18. Hello Stranger
* by Thelma   ** by Erika

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"I Am At War" Oil Spill Original Song - Video