A Father's Legacy

For generations, watermen have been making their living working the waters surrounding the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Fathers Modelteach their children the traditional skills of their livelihood and pass on a way of life deeply rooted in the Eastern Shore’s character and sense of independence.

In the spring of 2004, Mr. Richard Foster, owner and developer of Bay Creek, Weighingcommissioned local artist Thelma J. Peterson to design a sculpture reflective of the Eastern Shore of Virginia’s heritage. Maryland sculptor Ken Herlihy and Laran Bronze Foundry created and cast “A Father’s Legacy.” Local waterman Dennis Latimer and son Hunter modeled along with Colonel, the Chesapeake retriever.

Installation “A Father’s Legacy” pays tribute to an important aspect of Eastern Shore Heritage, where generations are linked by a respect for traditions and a love of the water.

Designer,sculptor and Foundry President